About Us

Who We Are

Is your vehicle in optimal condition?
Maybe, if what you think as optimal is that it worked just like a week ago.

Are every parts of your engines have the best performance?
Maybe, if that engine part didn’t make any weird sound when being operated.

Is your vehicle’s equipments the highest of quality?
Maybe, if you think those equipments are the most suitable because of their highly expensive prices.

But did you know, that Oto Rezeki Indonesia dislike the word “maybe”. It sounds unconvincing, unsure, and in doubt. We always want the best with highest qualities in here. Formed since March of 2018 and built by the experts within automotive accomodating clients with our skills and knowledges, the word “maybe” will change into “OF COURSE”.

Every product we provide operating at peak performance – the performance that your vehicle deserves – and proven to further deliver the highest possible outcome your engine creates, along with reasonable prices to ensure you as client won’t have any doubt towards our products.

So we will ask the question once again :
Is your vehicle is in optimal condition?
OF COURSE. With Oto Rezeki Indonesia, it’s our duty to develop the perfection you need.